Haus zum Sternen
Das beliebte Familienhotel in Rottweil



Haus zum Sternen is situated on the town walls and where the Au-Tor, the city gate, once stood; it is one of the oldest buildings in the town and belongs to the first generation of Rottweil stone houses which replaced their wooden predecessors in the 14th century. At that time, the hotel was owned by the patrician family Wirt, first mentioned in 1278. Several members of the family became mayor of the Free City of Rottweil.


In 1422 the nun Agnes Wirt sold the house to one Master Hannsen, crossbow of the city.


The gracefully built Gotische Stüble on the first floor of the building also dates back to the 15th century.


It is not until 1623 that the Guldne Sternen (Golden Stars) appears as an inn. Innkeeper in these hard times of the Thirty Years War was Bernhard Kreder, a member of a well-respected family and on the town council of Rottweil.


During the battles between Imperial Bavaria and French troops in late autumn 1643, the "Sternen" was caught up in the fighting when the Au-Tor was bombarded to such an extent that the building afterwards was said to resemble a lantern.


The inn changed hands from the innkeeper at that time, Konrad Sichler, to the Seckinger family and then to the Wernz family.


In 1768 the "Sternen" was bought by guild master Konrad Dorn who ran it as a bakery for several decades.


In 1830 the master miller’s widow Barbara Mathauer, and her son Gregor, acquired the "Sternen".


In 1880, Wilhelm Müller became the new owner of the house, which now became an inn once more, for 5,500 florins.



In 1891 Sebastian Stadler bought the "Sternen" and leased it as an inn and a bakery. The property passed in 1907 to the young Wilhelm Stadler, who ran it as a wine tavern from 1928until his death in 1972.
He gave his establishment its unmistakable atmosphere which, come Carnival Tuesday or Corpus Christi after the procession, drew men of learning and master guildsmen, and the clergy alike to the "Sternen".



In 1978 Hartmut and Erika Wienands gave the "Sternen" a new lease of life; after several months of work, the tavern was transformed into a high-class establishment.


At the beginning of 1983, the "Sternen" passed into the hands of the family of Hans Ehrenberger. With avowed commitment, the family set about making the establishment’s treasures accessible to the public. A small, extraordinary hotel on the first and second floors with 11 rooms was the result.


Since then, the Gotische Stüble has been delighting guests and visitors with its barrel vault, frescoes and Renaissance door.


The roof timbering, with its masterful ridge work, is an impressive example of late Gothic timberwork.